Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Well that got your attention

 I'm delighted with the initial support and praise from the community regarding the acquisition of the X79 and G47 models
It bodes well for the future.
The G41 coil car will be considered if sales of the first 2 cars achieve a certain threshold.
This is not an inexpensive undertaking and with inflation and a potential recession I don't have a lot of room for uncertainty.
As far as the rest of the product line, covered hoppers, X58, etc, is concerned, I see no potential for that
The cars have either been offered in RTR or are about to be.
As always none of this happens without ongoing support from the modeling community and I thank you for your support


Patrick Harris said...

Agree on the X58 and the PS 4785 covered hoppers as not being worth your time given other offerings. It's wise of you to stick to those three and (hopefully) the NYC 122-F/PLE 154F hot steel coil cars.

When you're ready to sell, I'm ready to buy.

Patrick Harris

Anonymous said...

Would definitely buy several of the G41 & NYC 122-F/PLE 154F hot steel coil cars. Will try the x79 and g47 to help that along.