Sunday, January 1, 2012

The miracle of modern adhesives

In the spirit of the holidays I felt that some backdrop work was in order.
The problem of mounting backdrop for the lower level was easily solved by the addition of 1/2" plywood strapping glued to the walls with No More Nails. Amazing stuff! It's rare, in my experience, to encounter a product that actually works better than advertised. While it won't supplant screws and nails for certain situations, No More Nails certainly solves many problems.

As the photos show once the adhesive had set, next day, I simply screwed 1/8" Masonite to the strapping. Today I will be filling the screw holes and taping the joints as if it were drywall. Then out comes the sky blue paint.
It's beginning to look like a model railroad.
Happy New Year!

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