Monday, February 25, 2013

Reefer Madness

We're talking rolling refrigerators! Not the other thing. I gave that stuff up in 1984. Didn't do me any good and I preferred to spend my spare cash on model trains.
I just completed 4 Sunshine reefer kits for a client, and I have 5 more to build for him. Nice variety.

Reefer kits are where I really prefer flat cast kits over one piece bodies. I can clean and detail the sides, ends, roofs and underframes separately and then paint them their different colours. Who needs masking tape? Some hand painting is, of course still required, but anytime I can leave the tape on the shelf, I'm a happy camper.
The cars were weathered with a combination of washes, sprays and Pan Pastels. My new favorite weathering medium. Get some and try it.

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