Thursday, August 1, 2013

Much better

This morning a box arrived in the mail with 2 sets of replacement sides for the reefers I'm working on and blogged about earlier.
The replacements are as close to perfect as one can expect. The kit maker is to be praised indeed for his quick resolution of the problem I had with the first set of sides.
In spite of my earlier complaints about the castings I received, I am very much looking forward to building these 5 cars. The Canadian 8 hatch reefer is a signature car and has received much attention over the years.
S scalers are indeed fortunate to have these cars available to them now and I know that other variations of the basic design are coming in the future.
2 of the cars I'm building will be finished for the Newfoundland Railway, which will be different in of it self.
The kit design shows a lot of thought and the level of detail should please most modelers easily.
More when the cars are done.

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