Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Visiting Trevor

Went into Toronto yesterday to help out my pal Trevor on his layout.
We prepped mounting provisions for his cloth valance and mounted his labels on the layout fascia.
Trevor covers this in his blog,
After the work was done we ran a freight extra into Port Rowan and out again. It's a real joy to run on Trevor's layout. It works perfectly! And looks stunning. I could study his ground cover for hours.
Once that was done it was off to Harbord House to deal with the beer surplus that we'd been warned about.

The new feature on Trevor's layout that I wanted to make special mention of is the ambient sounds he's added. Trevor has placed a number of sound modules and speakers about the layout. From them come the sounds of a variety of birds, cicadas, burbling brooks, mooing cows, etc. It's all random and just the right volume. After listening for a few minutes, I knew that Trevor had it right. What I was hearing was the same sounds I hear on my front porch on a hot July day.
Trevor has both an eye and an ear for detail.
Can't wait for the next visit.

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Trevor said...

Thanks for the visit Pierre - great fun as always. Come back again soon!