Thursday, August 1, 2013


As part of the fallout of my blogging about how unhappy I was with some of the castings that I had received recently, the kit maker took me to task a little for airing my concerns on my blog.
So let's understand a few things.
I deliberately avoided naming names. I feel that would have been going to far.
I also did state that the kit maker was taking immediate steps to address the problem. And I'm very satisfied with the new parts.
There seems to be a major reticence these days to say anything negative about the products we pay good money for. See this editorial by Ben Hom from Jan, 04.
I completely concur with Ben's position.
When I started my other business, Yarmouth Model Works, I was asked what credentials I had as a resin kit manufacturer. My response was, " I've now built hundreds of resin kits over the years. In many scales, with a large variety of kit quality. I know what I want to see when I open a kit box and that is what I'm putting in my kit boxes."
And there are times when it's not easy to maintain the standards I desire. But I persevere and I will push others in the same direction.
The technology exists to produce very good kits and models, and the consumer is entitled to demand it. There is no excuse for poor work.

I feel no regrets for showing unacceptable parts online. It gives modelers a chance to see potential pitfalls and it gives me a chance to compliment the kit maker when they make good on a problem.

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