Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boston Rd

The great scenery machine is grinding it's way towards the tiny hamlet of Renton.
About halfway between Jarvis and Simcoe, this little place hosted a stockpen and a coal dealer in the era I am modeling.
Boston Road, as it's called on the survey I have, known today as either Provincial Road #5 or Cockshutt Road, will make for a nice little bit of scenery. Given the remoteness of the location I felt that a dirt road was in order, and this is how I created it.
I started with a base of 0.060" styrene for the roadbed and a plank crossing. The edges of the roadbed were filled in with a bit of Scupltamold and the whole thing given a basecoat of "earth" coloured paint.
Once that was dry, I brushed on a coat of Weldbond glue and spinkled the surface with "dirt".

The product I used is this lovely stuff from Scenic Express. Nice colour and nice texture.

Once that was dry and the excess vacuumed up, I ran a scale vehicle over the surface to show tire tracks.
The stockpen will be added in the flat area just to the left in this photo and the retail coal dealer further to the left from there. With the road done the "greening machine" can now come up to the roadway.
Did somebody call for a static grass applicator?

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