Thursday, September 11, 2014

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

I model the summer 1951. And at that time many homes, if not most homes, were heated by coal. Oil was starting to make in roads and natural gas was on the horizon, but coal was king. Anthracite to be even more specific in Southwestern Ontario.
A very good summation of retail coal traffic was written some years ago by Ian Wilson. You can see what he had to say here, . Give it a quick read, I can wait.
Inspired in part by Ian's article I wanted a few coal hoppers for some of the roads indicated in the article. And my initial online searches weren't very fruitful. Now I know that Bowser and Accurail offer hoppers, they are cruder models than I want. Cast on grabs and ladder rungs, etc. And the Westerfield hoppers tend to be of an earlier era than my chosen timeframe.
But with the help of my friend Bob Heninger, I found the cars and the decals I wanted to replicate the coal traffic I knew to be so important for keeping us warm in those nasty Canadian winters.
I acquired 3 Intermountain cars painted for the Erie and purchased 6 Kadee hoppers undecorated and used Microscale and Highball Graphics decals for the Reading and LNE cars. I think that should cover it very well for bringing anthracite into the region.
Thanks for the help Bob.

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