Friday, September 12, 2014

Really cool stuff in my backyard.

Literally. This was dug up in our yard a few years ago.

Now I'm not exactly sure what this item is for, but it sure is neat.
Clearly it's from the old Great Western Railway and maybe tagged a 1/2 cord of wood , maybe for locomotive fuel.
History lesson time.
In 1869 the Canada Air Line Railway was chartered by the Great Western as an alternate route to the Canada Southern. It ran in a direct line (as the crow flies) for a distance of 150 miles from Fort Erie through Welland Junction (Dain City), Canfield, Tilsonburg and St. Thomas to a junction with the Great Western at Glencoe. The Canada Air Line Railway became part of the Great Western in 1871 prior to completion in 1873.
 The Great Western Railway became part of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1882.
The Wabash Railway negotiated running rights with the Grand Trunk in 1898.
And my house is 1/2 a block from the St Thomas Wabash yard. Which is a bit of a migration for this disc. No doubt there's a story here, sadly I'll probably never hear it.

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