Sunday, March 1, 2015

DCC Smackdown.

Not really.

But it amuses and bemuses me how some people can get absolutely evangelical about their preferred DCC system or after-market provider.
I suspect that like many people my system was purchased based upon what others around me were using and what was available locally.
At the time that I went from my analog carrier control system, Onboard, to digital, I was spending a lot of time with the Ontario and Eastern club, and they chose to buy Digitrax. So I followed their lead.
As it turned out, for me, a good choice. Since Freemo and Fremo both use Digitrax as the control standard. Which has allowed me to use the FredI throttles I have acquired from Germany.
I'm comfortable with my system and can make it work for me with minimal screaming and yelling.
My buddy Trevor uses Lenz. Same basic premise but has different features that satisfies his needs. Not better, not worse, just different.
The same dialogue can apply to decoders. Lots of manufacturers, all do the same basic thing in the end, they just get there slightly differently. And program differently. Some have features that others don't. Some are easier to program than others.
Some annoy me more than others. If you read back in this blog you'll know what I'm alluding to.
While I welcome input from most everybody, I tire of people who persist in attempting to convert you to their preferred devices. DCC, especially with sound now, can be the hobby within the hobby within the hobby.
All I want is good train control and descent sound output. I have no desire to spend thousands of dollars upgrading chipsets, and hours of time tweaking CVs, to replicate what #1170 sounded like in June 1951. It's subjective and I don't care enough. Besides, until you can figure out how to get a sub-woofer into a locomotive it's all smoke and mirrors anyway.
So to all those who wish to convert me and others to their way of thinking, please calm down. It's only model trains.

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