Sunday, March 22, 2015

Well that's it then!

This will be the last blog post from this abode.
In less than a week from now, we'll be in the new house. No doubt reeling from the horrors of moving and facing months of unpacking and figuring out where the heck to put stuff.
I'm a tad overwhelmed at the volume of stuff that will come out of the basement alone.

And it all has a purpose.
Hope my knees hold out for all the shlepping that will happen over 3 days next week.
I did take advantage of being in Toronto yesterday. I was visiting my brother and his family and he lives close to one of the 3 IKEA stores in area. So off I went to buy new work surfaces and cabinets for the new shop. There are somethings in IKEA that you can't buy the material for the what they sell the finished product for. You'll see that when the new shop gets built in a couple of weeks.
Stay tuned.

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