Saturday, March 7, 2015

There's just something about...

The AT&SF steam era freight car paint job that so works for me.

It's a muddy kind of oxide red with black anti-skid roof treatment. And for me it's plain delightful to look at.
I just finished these four cars for a client, some of the last efforts that'll come out of this workshop. Four classic Westerfield kits that are always a delight to build.
The more astute among you will note the funny accoutrements on the roof of 2 of the cars.
At the clients request I added cement loading hatches to 2 of the cars based upon some prototype photos that were supplied to me. Makes for a nice difference.
The colour was mixed from Scalecoat boxcar red #2 by adding 2 teaspoons of white to a full one oz bottle. Looks real good to me.
Weathering will be left to the client at his request. The cement hatches present lots of options.


David Schroedle said...

Nice job, I also like building this type of resin kit, what did you use for your roof treatment ?

Dave Schroedle

Pierre Oliver said...

The roof is simply painted Grimy black