Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4 New Items from Yarmouth Model Works

The etching elves have been hard at work again, bringing you some new items that I hope you find as exciting as I do.
First up;
Replacement sill steps for the Tangent GSC tankcars. These should withstand layout handling far better than the plastic ones on the cars. $3.00 for a set to do one car.

For all you PRR fans
X29 full side patch panels. With lovely rivet detail. $4.00 a set for one car.
As well as this;
Small patch panels for just adjacent to the doors. As seen in the photo of PRR #94794, in RP Cyc 24, pg 22. $2.00 for a set to do one car.
And after a few requests and a little help from Dennis Storzek (thanks Dennis);
A drilling template for the Kadee ladders. We think that this will be almost as useful as the bracket grab template we created a few years ago.
These items are now in stock and will be listed on the website in a couple of days.
Hope you like them.

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