Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ready for Occupancy

So in 8 days, we've gone from this;
To this;

Through to this;

All I have to do now is open boxes and start loading shelves.
I'm rather pleased with how this space is turning out. Even without a window, it's bright. Good colour choice for the walls by my wife.
The work surfaces are looking delightful. The 2 desk height units are from Ikea, their Alex line. Ridiculously affordable. I couldn't buy the basic material for what they sell the full units for. Well designed and lots of drawer space.
And of course, there's lots of Ivar shelving. Did I mention how much I love this low end Ikea stuff? Almost designed with model railroaders in mind. Some of my European Fremo friends are using the Ivar end frames as leg systems for their Fremo modules. Makes sense to me.
The other cabinets are cheap and cheerful units from Home Depot. Lots better, none cheaper. No need to get fancy. No doubt that I'll have paint spills inside a month.
Tomorrow I'll get tools and kits out of boxes and start the organizing of the spaces. With any luck I'll be building models next week, as well as addressing the back orders that have arisen since I packed up for the move.

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Jim Fawcett said...

Pierre - I'm excited for you... this stage, when everything is a clean slate and organization is a priority, rivals the completion of a layout for satisfaction... it's everything in between that can be problematic!... good luck... I'll be anxious to see plans for the new railroad.