Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm out of excuses now.

The shop boxes are all opened.

No doubt some fine tuning will be required.
I'm mostly unhappy about the paint storage setup. I've been teasing my pal Tim Warris of Fast Tracks fame about creating some paint racks with his laser cutter, but it's now feeling like a real need.
Wonder what I should build first?


Trevor said...

Stuff for me. I'm sure you have something - and I'll pay you with some video work.

Trevor said...

If you do get some paint racks made, it looks like you could mount them on the wall over the utility sinks, which would free up space where the paint is currently. That freed up space could then be used for other goodies more related to the building of stuff - maybe a peg board for detail parts?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks like some serous modelbuilding to do, with lots of kits at hand. And with a shop having lots of room to do it in.

I just hope that you have some time for your own models too.

Steve Lucas.

David said...

My vote is for a CN combine, preferably s scale :-).