Saturday, March 19, 2016

Attention Wabash Modelers!

This just might peak your interest.
Anybody recognize this?
It's an in progress photo of a model of one of these;
When I bought the 12 caboose kits from Lake Junction Models, Bill Hoss, tossed in a partial kit of a 2200 series Wabash caboose he'd worked on years ago.
I'm enamored with the pagoda cupola. I don't know if any of this series of cabooses ever were assigned to Canada, but I have seen images of that style of cupola on cabooses in the yard in St Thomas.
Now the kit came to me without end railings, ladders or steps, but I have enough photo evidence to help me create my own.
Bill Hoss has indicated that if he receives enough interest, he may consider resurrecting this project and finishing the whole thing and releasing a full kit. If this car peaks your interest, let Bill know.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info about Bill considering the resurrection of this project. He & I talked about it several years ago; but I didn't know if he wanted to pursue it or not. I'll drop him a line.

One be historically accurate, do NOT number your car 2229. That is the car the Museum of Transport in Saint Louis had. When they acquired it, it had a normal rounded roof on the cupola. They dug up the pagoda style cupola somewhere, and changed them out because they liked the looks better. I think I have a photo somewhere that shows the pagoda cupola setting on the roof of the car, in front of the standard one.

Actually, I guess you COULD number yours 2229 if you are building a layout based on the MoT!

gary roe