Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What's the Big Deal?

It's just that they're big is all.


From time to time, I'll paint brass cars for certain regular clients. It makes for a nice departure from the usual routine of things.
These 2 lovely cars are Protocraft offerings in O scale.
They were both painted with Scalecoat paints, which when baked in the oven comes out real hard and very glossy, ready for decals.
I'm particularly enamored with the orange car. Such a standout paint job.
How big are they?
Well here's an HO car beside an O scale car.
And being brass construction they're hefty as well.
I can only imagine the benchwork required to properly support a sting of these cars!

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Mark Z said...

Overengineering benchwork is an O scale specialty! Use 2x4's and somebody will still cast doubt on the sturdiness.

And don't get the old guys going on the current draw of their old, dual motored brass articulated locos either! :-)