Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chasing Gremlins!

Such a couple of weeks I've had!
We've been stupid busy at the arena with a large variety of shows. In the middle of which I was awarded a nasty head cold courtesy of those fine folks at Disney on Ice.
Catering the other day awarded me and a co-worker with a low grade dose of food poisoning, so I've stayed close to the toilet.
On the upside;
I've got replacement stock on certain etchings and castings, so today will be a packing day.
And best of all, I had a "work party" here Saturday and major progress was had.
Trevor Marshall, Ryan Mendell and Robin Talukdar shared the drive down the highway to spend the day and help me out with some of the more tedious tasks involved in layout building.
Mostly it was about getting the power busses run from the Digitrax base stations to the west end staging and through the St Thomas yard district. A terrifyingly large amount of 3M suitcsae connectors were used to connect the feeders into the bus, but in the end all the existing trackwork was powered.
Trains moved under there own power in the staging yard by mid-afternoon.
Shortly there after the first gremlin emerged. I run the F-7s in pairs. I had speed matched the pairs awhile ago, but it would appear that the pairs are no longer matched to each other. One unit lags far behind the other. Oh well.
I have plans to remove all the QSI decoders from all the F-7s anyway and replace them with Econo-Tsunamis. As faithful readers will know, I have a bit of a hate on for QSI.
When we tried running a loco in the St Thomas power district another major gremlin emerged. Somewhere in amongst the 24 turnouts, 3 diamonds and the turntable a short occurred. My initial suspicion was one of the diamonds, as they can be tricky. But we spent over an hour eliminating the turnout gaps as possible culprits. In the end it was traced down to a missing gap in the cluster of 3 diamonds.
With a little diligence and patience the desired result was achieved;
Take that nasty little gremlins.
Now it's over to turnout controls and track cleaning and maybe next weekend I can test run some trains.

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