Monday, April 4, 2016

Who owns this car?

I'd love to know which railroad owns the first stockcar in this image. I can't make out any reporting marks, but if you zoom in a little, there are some construction features that should help identify this car.
The second one is clearly a Wabash stock car. So no comments on that are required.


Milepost17.8 said...

Could it be an M&StL Fowler box car conversion??
Howe truss... six panels, a rib (not just a flat strap) on the outer panels.

Brad Andonian said...

Could be a Mather car from NP or a variety of roads.

Milepost17.8 said...

I don't see the sideways vee straps (e.g. < > ) that many (all?) Mather cars have on the outermost panels.

Benjamin Hom said...

Mather was my first thought; however, I didn't see the features pointed out by Milepost17.8, and I've never seen a Mather with letterboards along the top of the car side. (The NP Mathers lacked these letterboards).

Ted Culotta said...

I think it might be a Swift stock car. The layout of the structural members looks right, although I haven't seen one with the short letter/number board on the right. I've only seen them with the long board to the left side of the door. However, they did have double deckers like this one.