Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A plethora of new stuff from Yarmouth Model Works

A few new things to let you know about.
All are new etched items on the Yarmouth Model Works website.
First up a 40' Morton running board and brake step;
I've revisited the running board and lateral braces with a new etching ;
The big one is 6 different arrangements of Carmer Cut levers. The first 5 are for specific PRR cars, while the last one is a more generic application. On the Carmer Cut lever webpage there are 2 downloadable documents which will greatly assist you in deciding which levers to purchase. I hope you're as excited by these as I am;

 And lastly, we've revisited our brake lever etching. We've made them a little "sleeker" as well as adding a little tab for hooking that bit of chain onto. And we're offering more on a fret;
The website is now fully updated with the exception of the brake levers, which should be done later today. Have a look, tell your friends, and email me should you have any questions.


JD said...

Hope you're ready. All us SP/West Coast modelers are going to be beating down the door for those fantastic looking cut lovers! Bravo!

Unknown said...

Down and dirty, very nasty Pierre. more goodies for detail addicts.

Bill Welch

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