Monday, January 9, 2017

2nd time's the charm

Painting brick, particularly brick in good repair or fairly new, has plagued me for years.

Erie Ironworks had a plant right on mainline in St Thomas, built in the post-war era. It's been a struggle to find any images of this plant. The best thing I have to work with is an old aerial photo.
Pretty simple. One story brick factory with clerestory roof lights. And a loading dock and dedicated spur.
So I made some guesses and some leaps of faith. Took some Design Preservations modular panels and created a reasonable representation.
The building painting though didn't work out well the first time. I had used Scalecoat Boxcar red 3 for the base and then flowed thinned grey acrylic paint for the mortar lines. As you can see from the first image not very nice.
I stared at this for awhile, looked more images online and studied techniques and tried again.
This time the base colour is Krylon Leather Brown, which I then lightly, very lightly over-sprayed with a Krylon primer red. I thinned the acrylic grey paint further by at least another 50% and flowed it onto the model.
I'm feeling much happier about this. I still have to paint the concrete wall cap and loading dock deck, as well as finish the other 2 celestory units. Waiting for more window castings for that.
From there I can install the windows and think about surrounding terrain.

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Trevor said...

Nice work, Pierre - and yes, it looks much better.
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)