Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another lovely offering from Speedwitch

My buddy Ted Culotta has done it again.
He's released another beautiful pair of kits, recreating the Ann Arbor RR single sheathed single door and automobile boxcars.
Today I finally got the weathering finished and my trio are now part of the fleet.
Ted and I have had discussions about how best to model ladders. Neither of us are big fans of molded plastic ladders. And he's not enamored with my etched ladders for all applications.
So he's come up with a interesting technique for modeling ladders. A sub-frame of resin is in the kit in which the modeler lays wire rungs and then an overlay with rivets cast on is applied over top. An effective method, but I'm not 100% sold on the solution.
Regardless, the kits build into very nice models and as always Ted's decals are first rate.
Wonder what`s next from Speedwitch Media?

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