Saturday, April 29, 2017

Big News at Yarmouth Model Works

Not huge, just big.

Yarmouth Model Works is now the owner of the old line of resin car parts that were marketed by Sylvan Scale Models and originally created as the Canadian Railway Model Part Guild(CRMPG).

This line of parts includes ends, roofs, doors, and other bits and pieces.
At this time it is uncertain whether or not the entire line will be resurrected or only certain items.
This is where you, the customer , comes in.
Please let me know which parts are of interest to you.
Here's a partial list of items under consideration;
4/4 dreadnaught end
NSC-1 10'0" end
NSC-2 10'0" end
NSC-2 10'6" end
NSC-3 10'6" end
4/4 Improved dreadnaught 10'0" end
4/4 Improved dreadnaught 10'6" end
Hutchins All Steel Roof
Murphy Flat panel roof

Please email me and let me know what may work for your projects.

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