Thursday, April 20, 2017

Man these things are tiny!

I'm in the midst of building 4 N scale cabooses for a client.
These are American Model Builders laser cut kits. And they're pretty impressive.

I've handled a lot of HO scale laser cut to date. The precision available is remarkable.
And "peel and stick" can greatly speed assembly.
But in N scale it's whole new world!
I can't get over how well the parts all fit. Never mind the cleverness of the designs.

The only real challenge I'm having is seeing all the tiny tiny bits and pieces. Never mind trying to keep track of which side is the sticky side.
I'm looking forward to seeing these guys painted and decaled.

And this project has served as a reminder that I need to get my eye glass prescription reviewed

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Anonymous said...


Welcome to my world! While I do model in HO, I also work in N Scale. It has been a challenge for these 66 year old eyes; but an Optivisor has made it possible to continue. Only thing, when I've been spending a lot of time at the workbench, I catch myself tilting my head down to be able to focus on something when not wearing my Optivisor! For some reason, it just doesn't work.