Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Frugal Foamer

I was visited yesterday by 2 good friends, Ryan Mendell and Doug Currie. While Ryan's Airstream was being serviced, the 2 of them came over and helped out on the layout.
With their assistance we filled over 30' of benchwork with foam to support the scenery layers that will be coming. Such a huge leap forward!
Now Doug, to his credit, likes to play with styrofoam.
Maybe even a little too much.
Points for not wasting foam and creating landfill, but really?
It would have been easier to cut a single piece methinks.
My heart felt thanks to Ryan and Doug for a good effort, and they were well rewarded with my wife's cooking and drinks afterward.
Now to buy a case of Sculptamold.


Mark Z said...

You are confusing frugality with precision! :-)

renegourley said...

Love that in-fill!

Anonymous said...

He missed a spot in the lower left corner!!!