Thursday, May 4, 2017

And here it is!

Painted, decaled, and moderately weathered.
The CPR 40' Automobile boxcar.
This kit will be available for sale at the NE RPM in Enfield CT, June 2 & 3. And then on sale through the website. $55.00 USD
The kit features, a one piece body casting, laser cut running boards, photoetched ladders, rungs and other details. Tahoe Model Works archbar trucks and Custom decals from Black Cat Publishing.
The kit was designed to give the modeler the choice of 3 different door sizes.
As we stated before, we're very excited about this kit. It being the first one YMW has produced from modern CAD and 3D printing technology.
Looking forward to making more kits available with these modern tools as time progresses.

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