Friday, May 26, 2017

It's just a Sweetie!

Just finished this lovely little tank car for a client.
The kit is made by Precision Scale Company, and is offered in the catalogue as a HOn3 UTLX frameless tank car, but is easily upgraded to a standard gauge car.
Some adjustment with the couplers and a larger K brake cylinder and reservoir and your set.
Add in decals from Speedwitch Media and what more could you ask for?
It's funny from an historical point of view, the frameless concept was resisted by the railroads for some time in the early 20th century and today that's all you see.

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Anonymous said...

I have a PSC brass model of the standard gauge version of this car. I have done a lot of checking and looking but have not been able to find a photo or set of photos that clearly defines all aspects of the underbody brake gear. I have been reworking this part of the car as I was not satisfied with the factory arrangement which was definitely incomplete. For example, I'm unclear about the configuration at the A end - farthest from the brake cylinder and reservoir. From the hazy photos I have seen of the prototype and models, it seems like the long rod extending from the B end of the car is floating in air. If you could enlighten me on these details it would be much appreciated. John L.