Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Another speed bump!

One of the things that sets Yarmouth Model Works HO scale resin apart from the other manufacturers is that we try and include the correct trucks in all our kits.
In the case of the AC&F 50 ton boxcars that would entail the inclusion of the Kato ASF A-3 truck.
One of the nicest set of trucks on the market!
Too bad I and the rest of North America are out of stock on these trucks!
And my last communication with Kato indicates that I won't be seeing any more trucks at least until April.
So until then I'll be refunding a small amount on each kit sale that doesn't have trucks in it.
Really not liking this stocking practice. I know all the majors are doing it. Doesn't make me feel any better.

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Brian C. Johnson said...

I honestly feel this is one of the greatest threats facing the hobby. Sorry you're being hit by it.