Wednesday, August 29, 2018

An object lesson in reading the instructions

Just shipped these 2 Sunshine cars off to the client;

Two very nice SFRD Dry Ice reefers. Neat looking cars. Never done any of these before.
As always when I'm doing projects like these, I consider the painting process.
Flat cast reefers are a delight since I can make sub-assemblies and paint the different colours with minimal masking, then final assemble.
And on these cars, I was ruminating about colour mix to achieve the SFRD yellow-orange. Frank Hodina of Resin Car Works has recently offered a SFRD reefer kit and I was thinking I'd use his colour mix for the car sides.
Fortunately, I took a moment, followed my own long standing advice and read the instruction sheet that came with the kit.
How about that, they were painted silver!
That just saved me a repaint!
As I always tell people, read the instructions, first!

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