Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ever forward!

Welcome to Friant!
At least what will be Friant, circa 1951.
End of the line for the Clovis branch.
Here will be located a turntable, water tank, large station, significant stock pens and the weigh scale.
All the stone that gets hauled out of the Rockfield quarry is brought here and weighed before heading back to Fresno. Of course the locomotives will get a big drink and then turned, before heading south and west again.
The turntable will be located about where the level is sitting in the photo, with the stock pens  and then the station as you get closer to the camera.
I like to fill the joints in the Homasote with drywall mud as well as covering the joints with mesh tape. Keeps things from opening up with humidity and temperature changes.
Once that is all dry a coat of paint then I can layout the track arrangement and get on with track laying.
And speaking of humidity, today is arguably one of the most humid days we've had this year, not terribly hot, but man is it wet! And this is the day I choose to wrestle sheets of Homasote through the table saw. I do wonder about myself at times!

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