Sunday, August 19, 2018

This one's for Trevor

Finally completed the Westerfield kit of the SP 1937 caboose conversion
In 1937 SP starting converting B-50-6/9 boxcars into cabooses, by cutting in windows in the sides, adding man doors in the ends and sliding the side door open about 3', nailing it in place and adding a man door.
Over 100 cabooses were created this way, with variations in window styles.
The cars rode on the original freight trucks, no leaf springs. They must of been a shear delight to ride in. At least a stove was provided for the coffee pot and for heating the beans!
My friend Trevor Marshall sold me this kit along with the locomotives and a few other treasures when I made the leap into SP, and we're both enthralled by this car. Even though there is a very nice laser cut caboose kit on the market for SP cabooses, I had to have one of these, just cause it's neat.
The kit build is straight forward and I weathered it rather heavily, since cabooses don't get a lot of respect.
Now to get the layout to a point where I can stick this on the tail of a train...

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