Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I beg to differ!

It's been said by some that resin tank car kits are among some of the most difficult resin kits to assemble well. The major challenge lies in getting the tank to sit properly upon the frame, followed by setting the handrails.
Of course this can vary from kit to kit and manufacturer to  manufacturer, depending upon decisions made.
But to the degree of difficulty, I say BULLOCKS!
Compared to the trials of assembling hopper cars, they're a piece of  cake.
Assembling resin hoppers is an ongoing process of checking square and fighting with cast hopper bottoms. It's remarkable what can throw a car out of kilter as one tries to get the bits lined up.
Don't get me wrong, I'm in awe of the pattern makers who created the parts in the first place. And I'm always impressed with Al Westerfield's courage. But there are days...
I've just finished 4 hopper cars for a client. With another 4 hoppers almost ready for paint.
Once they're done, I'll have to steel myself for the remaining 12 hoppers of his that remain on the shelf.

Good thing I have stock cars to keep me going.

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Anonymous said...


I am fighting with an HO resin PRR GLa and two privately-cast HO IC hopper kits modelling cars converted from USRA gons.

When a professional like you finds these difficult to build, this rank amateur doesn't feel so bad. At least I have the facility of being able to put the model back in the box for "another day". Sometimes you just have to say "screw it", for now...

Steve Lucas.