Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Must be the year of the stock car


 2012 is becoming the year of the stock car for me. I've built and delivered 2 of these Rutland Car Shops models to a client and I have 3 more under way.

Once they're done I have 4 Westerfield NYC stock cars to build for a client as well as 3 Sunshine ATSF stock cars.
In amongst all that there's the Wabash stock car project which is getting closer to being ready for release and Aaron and I are working on a Soo Line stock car for the not too distant future.
Good thing I enjoy building stock cars!
 I've always said that best way to get good at sanding resin castings is to build a string of stock cars. I think to date I've built over 48 resin stock cars for myself and others. There's something very fulfilling about watching the side emerge from the sheet of resin, a little dusty mind you. In case you're wondering I work on a sheet of 80 grit sandpaper which is glued to a piece of 1/4" plexi.
No glass sheets near my elbows!
Some might think that the 80 grit is a tad coarse. For me it makes short work of the process. It takes long enough as it is. I just have to pay attention and not sand through the casting. As in all things, practice makes perfect.

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