Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I picked up the replacement frame today for the Bachmann Consolidation.
And it was indeed the correct part that I was looking for.
My thanks goes out to the fine soul in the Bachmann parts department who made a small effort for me and got what I needed.
So the engine is now back together.
 And sits on the programming track awaiting me to sort out the programmer. Bought a new laptop and the drivers aren't all installed yet. Not loving Windows 10 yet either, BTW.
I'm actually quite pleased to have this unit back in the roster. Once it's programmed and I get the work train built it'll be a nice variation from the F-7s.
This is the old frame. It was snapping into pieces as I handled it to extract the drivers.
Zamac poisoning indeed!

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