Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another Naperville in the bag

And as always, I had fun!
While the actual attendance was down from years past, 250 total, I have few issues with last weeks RPM.
I got to see my friends from across North America. That alone makes the trip worth it for me.
Joe D'Elia has chosen to not continue hosting the show, but rather hand those duties over to Mike Skibbe of the Modutrak group. I've already spoken to Mike about options for next year and we have plans for some stuff already. Sorry no preview yet.
There has been some online grumbling about some of the clinics not satisfying some attendees. For those I have a message:
I firmly believe that RPMs are contributor driven. If you're finding the quality of the presentations aren't up to your personal standards, step forward on do a clinic yourself. Or encourage someone you know to do one. We all have something to share, and all have stuff we can learn. Standing on the sidelines and kvetching accomplishes nothing.
Speaking of friends and sharing, here's a couple of my friends operating on Bill Darnaby's layout last Wednesday.
Bill Welch awaiting his proper departure time from New Yard
And Jerry Hamsmith here has ventured forth from the operators position to sort out some minor disaster on the line.
Just the day of operating with these guys made the 7 hour drive well worth it.
I'm constantly intrigued as to how this hobby relies so much on camaraderie amongst  people who spend so much time alone in their respective basements.
As Bill says 'Onward!'

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Anonymous said...

"Standing on the sidelines and kvetching accomplishes nothing"

Actually, it does something. It hurts feelings, discourages those who are contributing, discourages others who are considering contributing from actually taking that step, and discourages others from attending. In short, it isn't just irritating, it is actually damaging to the hobby in general.

There will always be complainers, let's hope most people will see them as such and ignore them!

Steve Hunter