Friday, October 9, 2015


There is nothing I hate more than having to redo something.
Particularly when it's my own damn fault.
Late yesterday I realized that the whole bridge assembly was sitting too high as compared to the ties leading to it. By 0.040"!
Where the error actually occurred is a bit of a mystery to me, but it doesn't matter. The bridge needs to be lowered.
The bridge bearing castings from Micro Engineering will be replaced with scratch built items that will be 0.170" high and then the cast footings will have to sanded to fit and reinstalled.
And I had thought I was being super careful watching the heights and making allowances for the various bits and pieces.
Damn, damn, damn!


Anonymous said...

At least you're fighting with stuff for YOU to enjoy later.

Steve Lucas.

Trevor said...

Why not shim the track very gradually up to the bridge at each side?
- Trevor

Craig said...

I'm with Trevor, why worry about .040"? If I remember correctly the prototype raises the bridge slightly in relation to the roadbed. This might end up being an interesting touch.

Great blog by the way, thanks for Trevor for posting a link to your website.

Craig T.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pierre;

If you were using code 83 or 70 rail you could skim the difference down 30-40 thou by reducing the rail height on the bridge to say code 55 or 40 and deal with a few thou by shims as Trevor suggests. the lighter rail would look really cool on the bridge.


Steven Lyons