Monday, October 12, 2015

One down,

2 more to go.
The first of 3 diamonds that need to be built for the layout.
It is doubtful that I would have had the chutzpah to take these on without the benefit of the Fast Tracks assembly jigs. They really make short work of the otherwise very tricky trackwork.
I've also spent far too much time in front of the monitor today. I finally pulled together the 2 PowerPoint presentations I need for Naperville. Yes, that RPM is a little over a week away.
I'll be talking about Prototype Modeling from a Canadian perspective for the "Friends of the Freight Car" dinner and I have a clinic in reserve should a presenter have to bail at the last minute.
I really enjoy the RPM meets. I get to meet up with friends and like minded modelers from all over. We share stories, ideas, prototype history, etc. The meets, I firmly believe, are contributor driven. Without clinicians to share, these events are nothing. Consider presenting yourself one day soon. You may have that nugget of info that someone was looking for.

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