Thursday, October 29, 2015

Turnouts this day!

First one installed!
Feeder wires added before spiking and gluing into place.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The Fast Tracks system is brilliant! Thanks Tim Warris.
It was so much fun and easy that last night, after getting the first one in, I got three more added in the yard ladder.
The only grumble moment in all this is the spikes. The Micro Engineering spikes have over-length heads, which require clipping to work properly with the system. It's a good "in front of the TV project", but it wear's thin quickly.
And the other bit of completion is the Kettle Creek trestle.
With the walkway and railing in, brakemen can now safely work the trains on the west end yard lead.
There's much scenery to be added here before the trestle is finally secured in place. It'll be awhile, a few other things to do yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pierre;

Nice work! About those Micro Engineering spikes, throw them out and get some Walther'a HO spikes. They have slightly smaller heads and most importantly, they are straight and consistent and will make your track laying experience much more enjoyable.