Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Little bitty bits of wood.

So my wife calls them.
She really hasn't seen the scale 1x2 in the shop yet.
But we're laying ties! It's looking a lot like a railroad suddenly.

 All the switch ties are now in place and I can start filling in the mainline and the spurs with ties.
I'm using the Tie Racks from Fast Tracks to assist in the laying out of the ties. I'll be using a different tie centre spacing for the main as compared to the siding tracks. It should make for a nice detail.
Once all the ties are glued down , I'll sand them and stain then add ballast before starting to lay track.
However the very first bit of track to be built will be the 3 diamonds along the L&PS right of way.
Who's idea was this anyway?


Trevor said...

Well, just look at you go!

It looks great - and laying track is always an exciting time because it stops looking like weird furniture and starts looking like a layout.

I'm looking forward to our first operating session. At the rate you're going, it'll be before the end of the year.

No pressure...

- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

Pierre Oliver said...

I can absolutely guarantee that will be no ops session for at least a year.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you invite me to the Golden Spike Ceremony!


Trevor said...

"I can absolutely guarantee that will be no ops session for at least a year."