Thursday, October 8, 2015

Up on Kettle Creek Part III

Hey look! It fits in the space created for it!
As you can see, the truss span is painted. It does have rivets applied, but that'll get covered at a later date.
I recycled the abutments and the pier footings from the old layout. Spent a little time fiddling the footings into place, shimming, filing as required.
The actual deck is being painted and then it will get glued in place. The whole bridge will not be secured in place for some time to come. I have much scenery work to do before that can happen.
Mmmmm. Scenery!


Trevor said...

What a terrific, signature scene for your layout.
The Wabash F-units are going to look great creeping across this bridge and when you get the scenery done here (sooner rather than later, given that it's one of the first areas of construction on the layout) it'll give visitors a really good impression of what the rest of the layout will - eventually - look like.
Well done!
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Trevor! Very impressive.