Saturday, December 12, 2015

And that's just a warmup

4 lovely Westerfield ATSF stock cars finished and ready to ship.
These 4 represent a nice cross section of some of the stock cars used by the ATSF over the years. And as always, the Westerfield kits are a nice experience to build.
Some people are scared off of resin stock cars due to the sanding required to open the slats, but with the right head space and some good sand paper it's not that bad.
Good thing I feel that way, as next week we tackle this job;
15 NYC stock cars for one client!
We'll see how I feel about stock cars after that. Hope I'm done before Xmas.


Shop Foreman said...

So how does one build 15 stockcars? Do you build them one at a time or use an assembly line approach doing the same step on each one then moving to the next step?

Pierre Oliver said...

Same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time!

Seriously though, it more of an assembly line process.
The real challenge will be remaining focused on day 13.