Monday, December 21, 2015

Stock Car Chronicles, painted interiors

To date, I've built over 100 resin stock cars. These are the first that I've painted the interiors on. I feel that it's rather tricky to see the interiors, but the client desires rule.
There was a protracted discussion as to what colour to paint the interior. There seems to be no definitive documentation about whether the NYC  painted the interiors, left them as raw wood, or kept them lime washed. All were know practices by different railways.
In the end it was decided to paint the interiors the same as the exteriors. For this job I'm using Tru-Color NYC freight car brown. It's a good paint that goes on well, dries quickly, and is a gloss finish. All good points for me.
The only thing I don't care for is the acetone base. Even with a professional spray booth, acetone can be rather powerful stuff.
With this done, the floors can be installed and the hours adding details will now begin.
Well not "now", more like tomorrow.

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