Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Take that Hydro One!

It may be a case of tilting at windmills, (a Don Quixote reference), but I'm hoping to save some money in the long run.
I just purchased 30 4' LED replacement tubes for all my florescent lighting in the basement. They are purported to draw 1/2 the power of T-8 tubes. Given that Ontario has one of the highest electricity rates in North America, anything I can do to reduce my bill is a good idea.
The tube on the right is one of the LED units. It's a little warmer than the old T-8 to the left, but I'm okay with that.
And they aren't cheap! 30 tubes cost almost $900.00 after taxes and that was with a deal from the supplier. But given the fact that 1/2 of them are on upwards of 12 hours a day, I should recoup the expense in a year or 2.
The best part is the fact that the actual tube is plastic, not glass. I can go back to dropping things again without fear of shards everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully those LED tubes can be directly connected to the line without the need of the ballast. I've got some 5000K color temp versions that are directly connected to the line through the standard "tombstone" end connectors. The fixture needs to have the ballast removed and the input line connected to the tombstone. They are running at about 12 Watts each with the same lumen output as a 32 W fluorescent tube.
Power factor is unity, so in fact they "look" like resistive elements connected to the line.
In any case, look for many, many hours of consistent color temperature, quiet, maintenance-free light.