Saturday, December 26, 2015

Stock Car Chronicles, Brake parts

Well it's back to regularly scheduled programming, which today featured AB brake parts for the stock cars.
The Westerfield kits included cast resin AB brake parts, which I chose to not spend the time deflashing and fiddling with. Instead I used Tichy AB brake parts. The Tichy parts are a tad undersized but much nicer to work with. I assembled 15 sets of parts in about an hour.
I also chose to alter slightly the mounting arrangement for the triple valve.
I made a simple platform from 3 pieces of 1X8 styrene, which I found goes in quicker and simpler than the various brackets Westerfield provided.
0.010" wire is used to plumb the parts together. The layout of the parts is a tad uncommon. Usually the triple valve is on the same side as the cylinder, but a little variety never hurts.
Probably tomorrow, the brake rigging will get started. Wonder how far these cars will get before the year's over?

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