Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stock Car Chronicles

There`s no doubt in my mind that a few of you loyal readers would enjoy following along as I tackle this 15 car build.
So here we go;
Weighting stock cars.
Stock car models are always a tad tricky to weight. There`s all that openness to contend with. So my usual solution of 1/2"nuts glued inside the body is not an option. Zinc plated hardware looks nothing like pigs or cows.
So I did a little online searching and bought a sheet of lead from  A 12" x 24"x 1/16"thick cost me $15.00 plus shipping. That's lots of lead for this and future projects.
Since it's non-ferrous I had no concerns about cutting the lead on my trusty old paper cutter.
A pile of 1" x 5" strips was cut up and secured onto the cast resin floors.
I have found that the best method of securing weight in models is to use silicone sealant. It remains flexible and yet sticks to almost everything. And it will resist any shocks, like what the post office can provide when I mail the cars to the owners.
So we'll let that sit and cure for at least a day. Which will leave me to pursue to other tasks.
Does it look daunting yet?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Pierre;

Im really looking forward to your upcoming posts.
Ive got 4 CNR stock cars and 6 CN...various Fowler box cars to build this winter.

The car kits have been in my possession for a couple of years now so, I've got to get the "lead in" and finish them.