Thursday, December 3, 2015

Now that I've had a shower...

Some benchwork/roadbed work was in order.
This is what will be the east end of St Thomas. In reality this is about a 1.5 mile stretch, compressed into about 20' of track length. It's all the space I wish to devote to this. I think it'll work quite well though.
Where the level and the drill are will be a number of homes, close to the R.O.W.. The curve is out towards what was then undeveloped land in town and the clamp is resting upon where the CPR interchange will be.
I've stolen an idea from Tony Koester, and will have an active interchange option through the backdrop. I may even go as far as encasing the end of the interchange spur in a house to help the scenes all tie together the way I want.
I know I'm making progress. I'm thinking about how I want to break the layout up into circuits for DCC.

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