Saturday, December 5, 2015

And they do stand the test of time

I just boxed these guys up and will be mailing them back to their owner in the Yukon.
3 very nice tankcar kits from Southern Car & Foundry.
Tank cars in resin can be a challenge if the pattern maker hasn't paid very close attention to some of the trickier details. In this case Jon Cagle did not cut any corners.
These are very nice kits to work with and are still available through SC&Fs website.
The only deviations I made from the instructions was to not use the styrene strips for the tank straps, but rather I used brass stock and soldered 0.015" wire to the ends which then passed through the clamps. A far more secure method in my opinion.
The BOAX car was lettered using decals from Black Cat Publishing.
This also proves that I'm not just working on the layout.
Wait till you see what comes out of the shop next...

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