Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's not easy being green.

Or is it?
I love doing scenery. It's creative, free form and just plain good therapy. The variety of scenic materials that are now available to us layout builders is simply mind boggling.
Take the time to visit the Scenic Express website. It is simply overwhelming. In fact I find it easier to peruse their paper catalogue and then order online. There is so much to chose from in terms of colour, texture, and suppliers. And variety is one of the keys for successful scenery.
One item in particular I want to mention is their Super Trees. They are, for me, one of the best looking commercial tree systems on the market. And they are fairly simple to create.
Simply take the supplied armatures, remove the few dry leaves inside, prune as desired and soak them in a solution of matt medium. After a good soak, the matt medium helps preserve them as well, apply foliage. The Starter kit, comes with a variety of materials to chose from. Apply additional matt medium and texture material as desired then hang upside down to dry.
The next day you're ready to plant trees. Poke a hole in the scenery base and glue the tree in place, what could be simpler?
The other item that should have a shout out is the Static Grass gun. Incredible looking fields are now possible using this tool. Plan to spend some time experimenting with grasses, colours and glues until you hit upon a mix that works for you. One important caution, be sure and use a fresh battery.