Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Our first O scale kit!

 Now ready for sale
The O scale PRR X31f

 The kit features;
A one piece body casting, with the iconic roof having been rendered in 3D
Laser cut running boards
Etched ladders, sill steps and other key details
San Juan Car Co injection modeled brake parts
Custom Decals from National Scale Car

The kit retails for $165.00 plus postage
Currently there are only 46 kits available.
More if demand warrants.

Correct P48 or O scale gauge trucks can be had from either Protocraft or Rich Yoder

Saturday, August 21, 2021

A bit of a Covid reprieve

 After over 18 months of  "social distancing" and other necessary precautionary methods, I finally had another ops session on the Clovis Branch.
Gerry and Robin made the trip for a session of "banging cars around".
As to be expected a few glitches arose. Pierre has a few bits of track to tweak.
Otherwise a good day was had.
Followed by a lovely repast of BBQ.
Meat, Fire, Good!
We'll be doing it again soon

Thursday, August 12, 2021

New kit from Yarmouth Model Works

 In spite of COVID 19s best efforts we've managed to get this new kit ready for sale as of today

The ACF built Armour reefer

This was the only reefer built with the unique AC&F Proprietary roof design, and using modern CAD and 3D printing resources we've manged to accurately reproduce the roof and other details of this reefer.
2000 were built in mid 1947
The kit features a one piece resin cast body, custom etchings, 3D printed parts and decals from Black Cat publishing.
The kit sells for $60.00 USD, less trucks and couplers
Now available through the website