Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Upcoming Wabash Stock Car kit

Back in January I shared the preproduction model of the upcoming Wabash Stock Car kit.
Since then a few things have evolved.
Work moves forward, albeit a little slower than we'd hoped, but the big news is in the business structure.
Aaron Gjermundson will be doing the resin casting and I will be handling all the other minutia of getting a kit in the box, as well as the retail end of things.
This will be done under the banner of Yarmouth Model Works. Web page coming soon.
We are striving to offer some of the finest resin kits available. Along with Aaron's incredible pattern work and casting, the kit will have laser cut running boards and laterals. Photo etched stirrups, brake step bracket and lateral support brackets. Hand brake wheel and airhoses from Kadee are also included. Custom decals are being created with Black Cat Publishing.
This kit will include trucks from Tahoe Model Works. No wheelsets are included, to allow the modeler to install his favorite.
We do hope to have kits ready by July at the latest. We will be posting announcements on STMFC .

Something a little different

I just finished painting these brass O scale boxcars for a client. The cars are from Protocraft and are quite wonderful to behold. There are 15 variations that represent 25 different road names. Protocraft has also developed decals to properly finish these models.
The SSW car was weathered with chalks and air brushing and the CNW car was weathered using oils and air brush.
The car colours were mixed using the chart from an RP Cyc article written by Pat Wider. Vol 3. I've copied the chart and nailed to the wall in the paint room.